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Thread: spaghetti squash - what knife to cut it in half?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salty dog View Post
    I use a cheap stainless (I've had the knife longer than any other, 25 plus years.) Essentialy I use it as a wedge. Sink the tip into the middle of the squash all the way to the board (Lengthwise) then push down on the heel to split it. Turn it around and do the other side. No fingers anywhere close to getting lobbed off.
    That, plus put a towel under the squash so it doesn't roll on you.


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    i use a cheap cleaver. i also tap it thru with an old rolling pin thing. i slice a tiny flat side on the cutting board side for stability.

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    i use a rubber mallet on cheap knives or cleavers when i need to whack on something

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    Wouldn't sometime like a Tojiro western Deba work well? If you want something really cheap: a Kom Kom from Kiwi?? (Kom Kom is the slightly upscale brand from Kiwi...)

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    Well I've used the towel, cheap knifes ect. I don't have a cleaver, but hey I'm always in to buy another knife. I eat them a lot, might as well get something that will cut it like butter. Help me spend some money lol

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    in that case, get an ashi hamono in white #2.

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    I am really not a fan of caborn knifes, just don't want the upkeep. How about something in the 30 80 range?

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    Taking a long knife such as a chef means you are cutting the entire squash in one cut. My approach to tough squash is to use a short strong knife and work around the cut line. This is a much safer approach.

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    I have an ancient 10" Dexter-Russell in 1095 that laughs at squash. Which makes me wonder why I have expensive knives at all.

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    When one cut is needed then I break out one of these Really though of all the cleavers I have a Briddell 8" that I reprofiled with a 40 degree (inclusive) edge works great for work such as squash, bones, etc.

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