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Thread: Hi...I m Edward from aus ....nice to meet u all

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    Hi...I m Edward from aus ....nice to meet u all

    Hi,,,I find this forum in google's good ..,,,bz I also like to collect Japanese knives

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    Hi...I wan sold my knives

    I got one Japanese knives...

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    Quote Originally Posted by orkui View Post
    you need to make a post in the For sale forum, add good pics of the knife so that people can see the condition, post what price are you asking for it. etc.etc.etc.

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    I try to post but can't post ...I don know y...

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    I think you have to have 50 posts to qualify for the Buy Sell Trade.
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    Greetings and a big welcome!

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    Welcome to KKF.

    The sales part of your post was removed.

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    Thx....can u teach me how to post picture....?i mean at sell forum

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