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Thread: Sharpening technique or actual profile of knife

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    Now you are rounding it too much. But again, cut with it and check maye this is what you want

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    It's definitely rounder than it once was. I'd like to have more of the original profile back, I may try to grind a touch more or natural sharpen it to try and regain as much of the original profile as possible.
    Altering the profile is new to me; once you start messing around with it the more challenging it becomes to bring it back to the original profile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JVoye View Post
    Thanks all,
    So from here I went ahead and trimmed the bird's beak with the DMT XXC, re-thinned the edge behind the bevel and sharpened. The edge is still just a touch chunky but the actual profile looks much better. I think I still have to thin just a touch. When sharpening the tip what technique works best for you? Sharpening perpendicular with the stone or more of a vertical approach moving more horizontal when doing just the tip?
    Here is a new pic after doing the work described above, thoughts?
    Bird beaks are a common ailment in production Kit. wt. improper tip sharpening.Your tip fix is not bad,remember you can also lower the spine to meet the tip some as well rather just raising the edge to meet the spine.

    One thing to remember in sharpening tips is there much less steel at the tip.Dave makes some good points.I go fr. 3 finger press. to two fingers at the tip also an arching motion that more follows the profile of the curve.I raise the handle just a hair at the end,not too much this gives a slightly steeper angle for for less fragile.Your tip will still be very sharp.

    I used to sharpen my tips a same shallow angles as rest of blade,I think that wt. alot of sharpening this can cause bird beaks as well.Also very dished stones can be hard on tips.

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