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Thread: Large knife block

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    Large knife block

    What are the current options for a large block that will take 270 gyutos and even a 300 Yanagiba

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    Take a look at a magnetic strip, the kind that Marko makes now. No need to worry about the length of your blade with that .
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    There's a 35 knife shun block that could work for you, sur la table sells it for example, so you can perhaps check it out if there is one near you.

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    I bookmarked this site after reading some positive things about the company on this site. Nice looking blocks and custom options as well.

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    I have a 36 slot cherry Wusty that holds long knives and even has a cleaver slot.
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    I bought a 20" magnetic Knife Butler (even made in USA) and donated my block to Goodwill.

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    Looking at my new space, and wall space a magstrip won't work work. Am looking for other options.
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    Well, I guess you may be stuck with a block. Figgers that I just passed on a nice looking one at a yard sale recently.

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    Jesus ******* Christ....How the hell did you amass 270 gyutos and 300 yanagibas!!!!!! That's freaking amazing. I need pictures and descriptions ASAP!!!!!
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    He is obviously a knife thrower by profession. Hard on the blades.

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