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Thread: New and I would love some advice

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    New and I would love some advice

    Hello all I am new to the knife world as I stated before. I am currently in culinary school, and I just got a job at at fine dining restaurant in downton Charleston,SC. The knives have now are Mercer. I am looking to get a good Chef Knife in the 550 dollar or less range. I need something that I can use on plastic cutting boards because that is what we have at work and at school. Any help is welcomed. Thank in advance!!! Oh yea I would like something around the 8in range.

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    Greetings! Don't spend 550!
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    haha okay thanks for the advice! I really dont want to spend that but I just wanted to put a top end on price.

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    The best investment you can make first is in a sharpening set up. You can spend a lot of money on a knife but whats the use if it's noticably dull after a couple of shifts. You can buy a great knife for a little more than $100 and be able to keep it sharp.
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    I'll recommend Gengetsu & there is one for sale on S/B/T!!
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    Stainless or carbon? Do you have stones to sharpen with? Di you like western or Japanese handles? Custom makers have best edge retention that I know of Mario and Marko. Regular knives misono is great all around knife with good retention.

    I'd second not spending that much on your first knife. I'd say go 250-300 and get a decent stone or two. Jon at Japanese knife imports is a great vendor to work with top notch service!

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    Okay good idea on the stones i will get those on the way. Any recommendations on where to get them. I like the Japanese handles better. I will also check out the brands I have heard so far. Thanks for the quick replies!!

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    You will need stones as well as a knife, but fortunately both can be had for well under your budget.
    For the knife, this Yoshi looks like a good deal: http://yhst-27988581933240.stores.ya...ade-kn240.html

    For stones, on a budget I think the Beston 500, King 1200 and the Arishayama 6k would fit well. From memory these can be bought for around $100-$150 for all of them. Check

    In my opinion, it's not a good idea to really splash out on your first good knife. You wont really be able to understand and appreciate it. The yoshi is very nice, but it won't break the bank, and you have other knives to look forward to in the future. If you are able to sharpen well and understand geometry, then I'm sure the Yoshi can be made to perform as well as much more expensive knives with thinning in the right places. For a start its best to build your skills rather than assuming the 'best' knives will give you the best results. Also no-one here will look down on the Yoshi, so don't think you're getting something second rate.

    Of course there are many other knives and stone combinations which fit this pricing I have suggested, so look around, but remember that $$$ ≠ performance.

    EDIT: Oh and don't forget something like an Atoma 140 for stone maintenance!

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    A. Don't spend 550 on your first knife.

    2. Don't bring that knife to school unless you want to just give it away.

    #. Get a 240mm Gesshin Uraku gyuto and some stones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThEoRy View Post
    A. Don't spend 550 on your first knife.

    2. Don't bring that knife to school unless you want to just give it away.

    #. Get a 240mm Gesshin Uraku gyuto and some stones.

    You noted an 8" knife, but you should get at least a 240mm.

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