I'm looking to expand my knife collection and am looking for a good-quality carbon gyuto, 240mm length. I already have a semi-stainless laser, so am looking for something a bit more robust, but still good geometry so it cuts well. (I also have a Wusthof for tougher jobs). I'm a home cook, right handed, and I'd like something better than entry level. I'd say budget is in the $200-300 range for something used.

I don't have a clear preference between white, blue, or some other carbon steel. I'm not crazy about a kurouchi finish, but stainless clad would be fine. I prefer wa, but would consider a yo handle as well. I'm still working on my sharpening skills-- have a set of Japanese water stones, and cut on end-grain boards.

I'm considering a Konosuke Fujiyama White #2, or maybe a Kochi Blue #2 migaki, if I decide to just buy a new knife--perhaps that gives some idea of what I'm looking for. I just thought I'd check if anyone on here has something they're looking to sell that would fit the above criteria. Please PM me if you have a knife for consideration.