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Thread: Boston explosions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beohbe View Post

    They just reported a third explosion at JFK library, so anyone in the area should be aware.
    Take care.
    This has been reported as unrelated - a coincidental electrical fire.

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    wow... crazy... i hope everyone out there is doing ok

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    Terrible news... cant believe it.. puts things into perspective...
    Eat to live? -> live to eat... but as long as we are at it... eat very, very well!

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    update from a guy on the subaru forum. his wife is dod,hls, or something security related he is pretty reliable not saying this is the truth but this is the info relayed to him from his wife.
    Just to confirm:

    Two suspects in custody. One, on a student Visa, was injured in the blast. No information on the second.

    Two confirmed additional devices found, undetonated. One was destroyed via controlled blast.

    Two dead. One 8 year old male. Over 120 injured.

    Multiple suspected other devices, all currently being dismantled.

    All agencies involved.

    And for those that care, my wife has returned to DHQ, awaiting re-deployment. JTTF on scene.

    I am going to take a break.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny.B.Good View Post
    What a world we live in.

    My thoughts go out to all those affected

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    I was watching the race from the Kenmore Square area, about a mile from the finish line. I was walking home right around 3:00 when police and ambulance activity kicked up to something I've only seen in movies. That was the first I knew something really bad had happened. So far no one I know is among the injured, but that doesn't make it any better.

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