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Thread: Got "THE" E-mail from Mr "R"

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    Interesting turn of Events..... And bear with me as I am writing this at 2:00AM!


    I was having a seamlessly uneventful day when suddendly!

    (Read in like in a radio melodrama)

    I get an e-mail from Michael with the title "Bad News"

    I immediately started to imagine all kinds of awful things...

    What can this be?
    Should I read this?
    What can possibly have gone wrong?

    Yes.... You guessed it...very bad news indeed! I fear is was one of the worst outcomes possible!

    It turns out that just about to finish the handle (and I do mean just about ready) he notices that there is a hidden crack right smack in the middle of the handle and the black epoxy in the inside has started to seep through on BOTH SIDES!

    You remember.... It was my dream handle, the one presented to me in a saturday's dream.... ruined by a hidden crack and black freaking epoxy!

    I could tell he was frustrated
    I was devastated!

    I needed time....

    I didn't want to hear the word ivory ever again!
    Just the mention of the words ivory and gyuto in the same sentence made me queasy!

    I felt like the fickle hand of destiny had handed me a terrible blow...

    But is there redemption? Can this be salvaged?
    Is Michael "that" good?
    Can he save this poor man and his gyuto?


    Tan, tan, taaaaaaaan!

    Until next time!

    P.S. and I will spear you the actual picture of the cracked handle, I don't want to be responsible for you guys having a massive cry! It is really a heartbreaking cry!
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    Oh no, that sucks! I'm sure whatever happens you'll end up with a kick arse knife!
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    You are right! There is a turn for the better.

    But I still don't have the final pictures... I won't get ahead of myself.

    Eat to live? -> live to eat... but as long as we are at it... eat very, very well!

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    Good to hear that there is a chance that this might turn out okay!
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    I am sure Michael has a "handle" on things, if anyone can recover it, it would be him.

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    Are you ready?

    I think youll agree this was a cool story

    Michael (A expected) was able to put this one away with elegance and grace!

    He took the ivory part of the handle that was untouched and put a beautiful dark Koa main in there, but he kept the light AND the dark parts of the ivory. Just genious!

    Give it to Him to make it even better than it was before. The two tone ivory just put it away and the Koa makes a really nice contrast. The thing what he has going on with the Hammon is just spectacular


    More detailed Pictures to come when I get the Knife!
    Eat to live? -> live to eat... but as long as we are at it... eat very, very well!

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    I think I actually prefer this (remember we talked this over BEFORE the incident?). I feel this really screams Rader, and you get your ivory. Win win!

    Take a look around at:

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    I completely agree Tom..

    I Told Michael that i like this version much more and to be honest, I don't think we would have arrived to this configuration unless the other one had cracked!

    Its a good example of turning something around! It makes it so much better!

    Eat to live? -> live to eat... but as long as we are at it... eat very, very well!

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    That is REALLY sweet! That is just wonderful, and I love the Raders with ivory-wood-ivory. And also neat how something that doesn't turn out like you expected can sometimes be better than what you wanted. I have a feeling that you will really enjoy this knife. I know in my case, it has cured, at least for now, my desire for other kitchen knives.

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