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Thread: Respirators?

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    I use similar to that with P100 filters, it works great.

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    I got a MSA respirator after using 3M for years. I don't like how straps on 3M wear out and lose elasticity. Haven't worn the MSA yet, but will report once get a good feel of it.


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    Great tips and lots to follow up on - Thanks everyone! Being in a tropical climate right now, I don't wear it as consistently as I should, sometimes it's just to hot and it steams up too much. But my lungs are definitely worth protecting.


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    I have a 3M and a North.The north fits my big head much better then the 3M. Blackhawk safety on ebay has great prices.I do use a combo filter,vapor and p100.

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    Many years ago I did a ton of research on masks and filters and found that most of everything readily available in stores and catalogues do not meet the demand of what most of us here would need. You need to know what you're looking to filter (chemical/vapor and/or particulate?) & then the size (in microns) of the particulates. I found back then that we needed special ordered filters and to build a stack of triple filters to get the correct filtration required. So we had good enough masks but the filters were WAY off base, we were breathing the crap in even with the mask on.

    I don't currently use a mask, and yes I should, but I have a helluva good dust extraction system set up so as long as I'm not lazy and flip the switch I'm guessing about 90% of airborne junk is getting pulled away from me. If I added a mask I'd be good to go but I hate those damn things.

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