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Thread: Natural Wood Handles - Koa and Layered Birch Bark

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    AFAIK, technically all materials move, just at different rates. I am looking at an unstabilized koa handle that was made several months ago and with my fingernail I can feel that the transitions between horn - metal - koa are not perfectly flush anymore, but this is IMHO not enough to make it a problem (especially because that one will stay on the island). That said, I would not sell such a handle to someone in Utah or Colorado if I have metal next to unstabilized wood. But well seasoned koa paired with another stable unstabilized wood should not be a problem from all I know (and that may not be all that much...).


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    I have to add that horn moves at a different rate than wood, and should you have a metal spacer in your handle, you will definitely feel it in the winter.

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