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Thread: Murray Carter Leaves Custom Knife Business

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    Murray Carter Leaves Custom Knife Business

    From the latest Carter Cutlery newsletter,

    "I am completely devoted to making the finest blades as humanly possible for the benefit of my valued patrons and for the legacy I will leave ... In my case, custom orders are hampering my ability to attain greatness, so I am reluctantly bowing out of current and future custom orders."

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    I just got the email too.

    Take a look around at:

    Email me at:

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    and make sure to scroll down. 25% Off a HG knife. Luckily there is nothing there that I want or can afford.

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    It looks like he's only making larger knives in the HG series.

    So, for all you people out there with SFGZ knives over 6 sun with wa handles, your knives just gained some value.
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    I just saw this, as well.

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    Kind of an odd news letter. Starts off with the good- ABC doing a spotlight on them, then the bad- leaving custom building. Then a little peppering of dying and the future of his family. Wrapped up with a public apology and a nice discount coupon to boot!

    I wish nothing but good vibes, but still, kind of odd.

    And this will in no way halt my search for the knife he made 10 of as an anniversary marker for the site that I will now trail off in a quite mumble.......

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    I don't understand what that means. Can somebody explain? Is Murray going to bring his ready-made knives to the level of perfection he is trying to attain? That's good news for the valued patrons though prices for those might go up.

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    Murray has always been production minded. He did attain his mastersmith rating to show that he is on par with the standards set in this country. MC is a very gifted maker.

    In contrast Bob Kramer has avoided going into production and has let others produce his designs. I have tried both and both have some advantages. If you do custom stuff you have to charge quite a bit more money for them because thinking is what takes up a lot of time.

    The demand for Murray's knives is what is driving this decision. Good luck Murray.

    Love and respect


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    Just saw him this weekend.
    Here he is holding two non kitchen knives.
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