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Thread: Murray Carter Leaves Custom Knife Business

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    Does this mean current orders will not be fulfilled? I emailed him, but still no response

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    Yup. He's refunding/refunded deposits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DevinT View Post
    Murray has always been production minded. He did attain his mastersmith rating to show that he is on par with the standards set in this country. MC is a very gifted maker.

    In contrast Bob Kramer has avoided going into production and has let others produce his designs. I have tried both and both have some advantages. If you do custom stuff you have to charge quite a bit more money for them because thinking is what takes up a lot of time.

    The demand for Murray's knives is what is driving this decision. Good luck Murray.

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    Thanks for explaining, Hoss. The move makes sense now.

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    Hoss, this does sum it up really well. Murray can't keep up with demand, but his knives don't sell for the crazy prices of Bob's.

    One thing I will say is that Bob has found the right partner, in my mind, in Zwilling. I'm in love with the one i'm using daily. Murray could go that route as well....

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    Anyone notice that the generous offer at the bottom of the page was limited to the first 5 participants?
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    Sad to see, but I can understand Murray's move.


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    It's always great to see knife makers / skill independent craftsmen "making it" (bad pun intended). As much as we like to joke about Murray and his other hobbies, it's cool that he's able to have other things in his life than making knives and fussing around with custom orders (and the demanding customers that go along with them) . I'm most disappointed that he's not making bigger ku knifes anymore. IMO those were the coolest ones he made, but I guess also the most time consuming because he doesn't laminate the stainless clad ones himself. Well, I just nabbed an ipro from bst that I'd been looking for for a while, so I guess I'm "set"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Justin0505 View Post
    It's always great to see knife makers / skill independent craftsmen "making it" (bad pun intended)."
    seriously, I love silly humor!
    Good one Justin!

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    Here is the full text of his explanation:

    A Note from Murray Carter Regarding Custom Orders

    My Dear Patrons,

    Let me take a moment to personally reach out and speak to you about the role custom knife orders have played in the past, present and future of Carter Cutlery.

    For the first 22 years of my bladesmithing career (from 1989 to 2011), I gladly accepted custom knife orders from patrons who eagerly supported my work and growth in the industry. These custom orders often stretched my abilities and helped me reach new levels of competence in my craft. The orders also allowed me a certain level of financial stability because I knew as soon as the order was completed I could expect payment for my effort. As some of you may recall, I always honored the orders in the sequence that I received them in, thus making it a fair wait for all.

    In about the year 2003 I started to make knives in batches; often forging 50 to 100 knives of the same genre at a time. This method of making knives allowed me to really focus and concentrate on each step for maximum results. The repetitive work fine-tuned my techniques and significantly increased the performance of my knives. It also resulted in more high performance knives being completed in a shorter time; a win-win situation. This was the period that my knives started to get internationally recognized for their superior attributes. It started the "Golden Era" for Carter Cutlery.

    Between 2003 and 2011 I attempted to weave custom orders into these batches of knives, so that they too could benefit from the advantages of being made in a batch. It didn't, however, quite work out the way I hoped it would. The details of each customer's knife would become difficult to track through the 65-plus steps that it takes to complete a Carter knife. I had two choices at this point of realization: rush through the custom orders one at a time or slow down the whole production of a batch of knives and sacrifice a bit of quality due to the distractions. I struggled in this system for many years doing the best that I could because I really wanted to satisfy my valued customers' desire for a tailor-made Carter blade.

    When I could no longer bear the thought that custom orders were compromising the overall quality of the batch, I ceased taking new orders in early 2012. Believing that I could still honor the existing custom orders, I kept forging ahead and was delivering one or two custom knives a month. Although I have not received one complaint or a returned knife during that time, I felt in my heart that the custom orders were not quite up to my very finest standards. This was due to the very fact that I made them as single units without the aforementioned benefits of working in batches.

    Therefore, when I feared that custom blades might not be the very finest I could produce, I made a very difficult decision to immediately stop custom orders all together and to refund any deposits that I had accepted for future knives. Over the past week I have reached out to many of my dear customers with current orders on file with an apology and an offer to refund their money or offer them a tremendous discount on any products or services in my current inventory. There are still a few I will reach out to in the next few days. I sincerely look forward to resolving any issues and fulfilling all my responsibilities in each individual case.

    Let me reiterate. I am completely devoted to making the finest blades as humanly possible for the benefit of my valued patrons and for the legacy I will leave my four children, Tetsuo, Emily, Alisa and Maria when I eventually pass from this life to the next (although I don't expect that any time soon). In my case, custom orders are hampering my ability to attain greatness, so I am reluctantly bowing out of current and future custom orders.

    To those of you who received their full deposit back instead of the custom knife you expected, I publicly apologize and ask your forgiveness.


    Murray Carter April 14, 2013

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    Still sucks for those thinking they would soon get the email...

    I personally like the direction his ready made stuff has gone recently. Lots more custom handles, return to some KU, and more product in general...

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