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Thread: looking for an exceptional "work horse" knife

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    Quote Originally Posted by tk59 View Post
    I have a Gesshin Hide right here that I was just working on. It's an outstanding knife. It's one of those that cuts way better than you expect based on it's thickness at the spine.
    Yes. I like the one I tried too (the older style), no matter the price. A 240 is smaller in length - 240mm to the machi - but very nice grind, finish & feel, and blue#2 often seems like the high-end fav for steels for pro use in Japan.

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    I did not change price on Kato right away only when i got new stock of them and all old stock was sold.

    Quote Originally Posted by JBroida View Post
    i would greatly appreciate if, before making comments like this, people would consider the following-
    1. we have not raised prices on a number of items over the last few YEARS, despite the change in the change in the exchange rate
    2. many prices on newer stock have been lowered
    3. not everything was bought under the new exchange rate, and thus will sometimes reflect older exchange rates
    4. sometimes we suck it up when the yen is strong because we dont want to always raise prices, so when we dont lower prices right away, maybe there's a reason for it (like trying to recoup a bit after having really really low margins on some procucts)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aphex View Post
    Is this one of the new profile Hide's, or old?

    I was thinking about treating myself with one of those beauties, or perhaps a Gengetsu, or maybe even a Heiji ss while the exchange rate is so good.
    Can't go wrong with any of those. As for the Hide, I think it's the old style. There's a bit more belly and the tip is higher than I prefer. Still a great knife.

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    I have a 240 Hide that is an older profile. Always happy when I use that knife. The new profiles are nice too and highly recommended.
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