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Thread: Vietnam Trip

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    Vietnam Trip

    I wil be Traveling for the first time to Vietnam (to meet my In-laws no less) this summer and noticed the Vietnam Thread in the historical Finds Thread. I was curious if anyone has experince with buying any Knives while in country there. What should I expect/ look for? Also any other tips in General for my trip would be appreciated. The Majority of my stay will be in Ho Chi Minh but I amn really not sure what my Wife and her family have planned for the three weeks I am there.

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    Don't forget to enjoy the food though
    You have to visit 'Cuc Gach Quan' (10 Dang Tat, Ward Tan Dinh, District 1), one of the best restaurants I've been to - and I've been in many restaurants.

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    awesome trip!!! i went a little while ago. knives? meh, they dont think of them like you guys here do.

    in ho chi minh city, they have these fresh beer joints. literally a doorway where they will give you a very low alchohol beer, for breakfast. it comes from a keg, and slams down like a cold glass of water. super cool. you cant get drunk from it. i think (my vietanmese is non existent) they drink it to hydrate.

    i got a hair cut on the street and slammed 2 of those things. i had a great time. the craziest traffic in the world there.

    have a great time!!

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    Skip Ben Than if you are looking for knives. Head for the Chinese part of town and the large market there. I had better knife hunting in the markets of Hoi An, Hue and Hanoi. If you make it to Hanoi head for Nguyen Khuyen street. 2 blocks of nothing but cutlery shops. Viet made knives seem to all be of fairly low quality even compared to Chinese ones. Interesting local patterns though. The cooking classes I took there were not very well organized and the food was fairly boring.

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