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Thread: Just Received my Hiromoto! Teaser pics ;)

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    Just Received my Hiromoto! Teaser pics ;)

    Here it is!! Just got it about an hour ago from Mark at CKTG (highly recommended by the way!). I haven't used it yet but hope to later tonight when making some carne asada steak burritos with home made peco de gallo and some salsa for the side of chips!

    Sorry for the crappy pictures, it's the best I could do to show the figure along the blade. After I've gotten a chance to use it a bit I'll give another go at taking some half way decent pictures.

    Thanks again to Mark at CKTG and to those who helped me decide on this really awesome knife!!


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    Congrats on the new knife

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    Did Mark ask you to post in this forum how happy you were with the purchase? More than a few of us here have had negative experiences with him.

    Nonetheless, be sure to tell us how the knife is.
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    congratulation!! you may want to thinning this knife to bring out its full potential!!
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    Agreed - thinning these is almost a must do and once you do you'll have a real screamer of a knife.

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    Would the hamon still be visible after thinning a knife like that?

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    What you see is not a hamon but actually the lamination or sandwiching of the carbon core with soft stainless steel. To answer your question, yes you would still be able to see the lamination line.
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    Congratulations! A great performer, will get even better when in use.
    About the thinning different approaches are possible.
    In any case, no sharpening without thinning behind the edge. This might be true in general, but is especially imperative with the Hiromotos who get abruptly fairly thick behind the edge.
    Another approach would be to perform a large thinning operation from the first day on.
    That's not always necessary. There is some variance in the way the blades come out of the box, and in the customer's needs and expectations.
    Building a relief bevel at the lowest angle you're comfortable with is always a good thing.
    Make sure to get rid of the weak original edge, and don't hesitate to use a relatively coarse stone in the J400-500 to start with. Make sure to remove enough soft clad from both sides.
    By the way, you may get Hiromotos with JCK as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mhlee View Post
    Did Mark ask you to post in this forum how happy you were with the purchase? More than a few of us here have had negative experiences with him.

    Nonetheless, be sure to tell us how the knife is.
    Nope, I'm not affiliated with Mark or his company in any way at all. I'm just a guy who bought a knife from another guy and was happy with the CS I received. Sorry that others haven't had as good of an experience with him. Any yes I know Hiromotos are available through JCK too but they only deal in PayPal and I currently don't have an account and would like to keep it that way if I can avoid it. Sucks though because their Carbonext and Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan series are REALLY appealing to me...

    Thanks for all the kind comments!! Thinning will definitely be done at some point but I want to get used to this knife first before I decide what I do/don't want to do with it. Plus I need some time to pick another gyuto to use while this one is off getting surgery.


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    Congrats on the new knife, Dylan!

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