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Thread: Gallery - Hiromoto AS... Full Spa Treatment

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    Gallery - Hiromoto AS... Full Spa Treatment

    Since I've done more a few of these, and have many still waiting to get done, I thought it'd be fun to show them all in one spot instead of having the pictures scattered all over the place.

    I haven't photo'd every one that I've done yet this should represent a good portion of the more full blown Hiromoto AS work accomplished - AKA "Full Spa Treatment". I'll just show these, I'll leave out the rehandle only knives, but all the rehandles can be seen in my rehandle gallery HERE.

    Let's start off with a before & after shot and go on from there....

    Here's a Hiro AS gyuto in the middle...BEFORE

    now AFTER....

    Here's a petty...

    Another BEFORE...

    with it's AFTER....

    Another petty...

    Well that's it for now. More to come as they get done....

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    Why are the petty's lamination lines so different?
    "God sends meat and the devil sends cooks." - Thomas Deloney

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyChance View Post
    Why are the petty's lamination lines so different?
    I have no idea...just the way it is unfortunately.

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    I REALLY like the one in the second pic...

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    I'm excited to get mine bc I haven't used it yet so it'll feel like Christmas

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    Man, when I see your work giving these Hiromotos the full goods, it Always make me consider getting one. naturally I would want to tweak it myself first, than after making a mess of things I'd send out to you. That's how I see that going down...

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    Ooohh, I think mine is still with you, hope to see more pics here soon


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    Wowza! Man, they look *great*! Love the contrast right at the lamination line and the "middle shade" right above it. Combined with the matte cladding and darkened hagane, the end result is some serious eye-candy.

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    I never tire of looking at these knives!

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