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Thread: Anything in korea?

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    Anything in korea?

    I'll be in Korea (probably just seoul but I'd like to visit Jeju island perhaps). I'll also be travelling through Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

    I'd like to find some interesting knives or even just old vintage kitchen stuff. Anyone ever look for any cook KKF stuff in these countries?

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    The dozen times I went never found anything interesting. But the filet knives were ok for 6 bucks. But that's in the country side

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    Thailand... Fruit carving knives

    They take their fruit carving seriously.

    hv fun..

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    if you see one of those "authentic-blades" knifes in vietnam, dont buy it.

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    The story of Japanese steel is so closely intertwined with Korea it is hard to believe quality knives don't exist. Somewhere.


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    The Viets have a lot of interesting concepts in kitchen knives but they tend to be a little poor on the actual execution materials and workmanship wise. Having brought back about 30 pounds of blades back in March I've found I really like a couple of Viet style butcher knives I bought in Hanoi and a Chinese style cleaver I also found there. I was expecting more large cleaver style blades but they were actually fairly uncommon.

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