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Thread: Looking for High end Chinese Cleaver

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    Quote Originally Posted by labor of love View Post
    Its pretty sweet that they can make cleavers that light!
    I wanted it to be a chef knife... a Chinese version that.s why my parameter is that the weight is no more than 240grams.

    Another parameter that I insisted on was that the Balance Point is to be at choil area. The best that cld be done was abt half an inch infront of the choil... which is perfectly all right as that is where I wld be gripping it.

    All other cleavers. the Balance point is more infront adn thus making it blade heavy . This is relevant to me as when I scoop up the food for transference, the weight distribution shld still be comfortable.

    Simple pleasure in life... customising a knife that turns out to be a joy to use . I had lemons before... A few of my friends saw it, played with for a while and wanted one. IF they bug me enough and seriously adn genuinely desire one ( to be verified) ... I will order and make it a Christmas gift as it is an item that cannot be bought easily.

    By teh way Sugimoto... "king of chinese chef's knife" in Japan,( I believe) with their 180mm long and shorther ( blade height), can't remember for now, carbon steel is off the shelf item. They started making in in their stainless version recently. But it is blade heavy. Short.. stubby handle is a love hate relationship with me. Sometimes I like it at times.. not so much...

    come to think of it, I may ask them to lengthen it slightly so that it will not be so stubby and bring back the balance point a bit....

    YOu have fun.


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    Yep I always use a pinch grip wt. cleavers.Round barrel handle for me anyway is the best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by miketayl0r View Post
    I prefer wa due to the fact i can customize the handle to my liking. If i could find someone willing to tackle a western cleaver handle for me and round the spine and choil, I think I would change my handle preference. Any takers?
    Dave is your man. He's rehandling my Tadatsuna cleaver.

    Personally, I much prefer how western-handled cleavers look. Wa somehow seems out of place on a cleaver.

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    Quote Originally Posted by schanop View Post
    I am getting one like this made at the moment: sugimoto #7 size in semi stainless with octagonal handle and saya.

    Wow Chanop! Nice!
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    did you look on EE. here is one off their site.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    there are a couple of others also

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    $440 for "v metal stainless steel", which im guessing is vg10? Looks nice, though.

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    For that price you could get a Hattori FH cleaver in VG10 that you can be confident has been heat-treated well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by miketayl0r View Post
    I have made my rounds to every site known to me worth checking out(JKI,CKTG,JCK,EE,Toshi,Aframes,Blueway,JNS,JWW, Jpan-tool)
    If it isnt any trouble for you please email these sites with their full name. I hope this isnt against the rules of this fourm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smilesenpai View Post
    If it isnt any trouble for you please email these sites with their full name. I hope this isnt against the rules of this fourm.
    Not against the rules, but you will learn more if you dig them out yourself.

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    This should do the trick?

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