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Thread: you restaurant guys. be honest, do you think your food is healthy?

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    After spending the last 6 months losing 30lbs. I argue strongly that fat and salt have nothing to do with "healthly" food. Its 95% getting the right amount of calories, and the right amount of activity.
    Long term studies even begin to suggest that low salt diets may increase cardiovascular mortality --

    My feeling is that its just way more work than its worth to eat healthy at a restaurant. Gona have a nice dinner out?...skip lunch and just have an apple or a protien shake, then order what you really want.
    That being said, I haven't used salad dressing in a long time, but other ****.... cooking mushrooms with no salt, scallops no butter?... pasta in any context....its just going to be calorie bomb.

    If you have an acute dietary restriction please let us in the kitchen help... To the customers on a fad diet that lets you order two large Sapporo's but want caramelized onions no oil, **** off.

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    The south beach diet, Mediterranean diet, and the paleo diet all recommend getting 35-40% of your calories from fat. fat certainly isnt the enemy, getting the right fats is whats important. along with portion control.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sachem allison View Post
    i was just joking with you. hope you feel better and Noro-virus are not friends..hahahha. i think that is what i caught...

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    had a nut job come in for brunch and order a vegan omelette. The server, without thinking of course, actually rang it in with the vegan memo. I kindly explained to her that our farmer doesn't raise the special chickens that produce eggbeaters due to the high costs. When the guest was informed that we could not create a vegan omelette, she quickly snapped back that "vegan" means healthy. "what I want is a HEALTHY omelette".
    CLEARLY we were the idiots. I just don't get it.

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    Where I work there are some healthy items, but most have a healthy amount of fat, meat, cheese, cream, butter, or a combination of all of the above.

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    I cook bacon in salted butter.
    The difference between try and triumph is a little "umph"! NO EXCUSES!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NO ChoP! View Post
    I cook bacon in salted butter.
    I cook salted butter in bacon.
    Starting this harvest I'm a starving startling artist/
    Lyrical arsonist it's arduous spitting this smartest arsenic/

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    forget cooking, just eat the bacon!

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    hehe This is funny, bland steamed food? For me its all cause the produce is like 3rd category or something.

    What I mean is, I still can remember what a carrot right from the mothers soil taste like, just washed and not even peeled, sweet, full of juice and with that little bitterness from the skin.
    That single carrot was enough for like hundred litres of stock LOL
    Parsnips that were so tasty they only needed some tinfoil and oven baking.

    Potato? Have you ever cooked a potato in water just to find out its tasteless? I mean, you can season it as much as you would like but salt wont help... Yeah, the produce from wholesalers just suck arse.

    Same with basically everything that big business laid their hands onto.

    And something from around two years ago if im not mistaken - some doctors and fancy professors made salmon that grows in two years instead of four, and gets bigger in size... Must be delicious, god damn farmed crap

    OP, were all on your plate in season? every ingredient? Was that organic in the meaning that when a potato is 25cm long, you get 25cm long chip?

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    I know our food isn't healthy, lol. We love love love butter. Being healthy is not what we sent out to do. The healthiest thing about us is we don't have a frier.

    My bread can be healthy, it is the substance of life right, lol. I use a bunch of different grains, and almost all of my breads (not all, but most) have flax, millet, amaranth, or other healthy grain. Also long slow fermentation breaks down the gluten, almost pre-digesting it for you, so even gluten sensitive customers have been fine eating it. I guess that can be considered healthy... It's the fast, straight doughs that ferment quickly that cause "gluten sensitivities" people have.

    So what I'm grieving to say I guess is, I think my bread is healthy, but the rest of our food here isn't.

    "This is grain, which any fool can eat, but for which the Lord intended a more divine means of consumption.. Beer!" -Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves, Friar Tuck

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