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Thread: Larrin graduates with distinction

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    Awesome job Larrin. Congrats.

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    Cheers Larrin!
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    Big congrats, Larrin!
    Spike C
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    I was also waiting for Larrin to respond to the thread before I did.

    I am a very proud dad indeed. I've watched the amount of work that has been going into this degree and the stress that goes along with it. This qualifying exam seems to be the apex of the PHD studies. You must pass this in order to get the degree, kind of like a bar exam.

    Great job Larrin.


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    Awesome! Congrats Larrin!
    Even though the dissertation isn't applicable to kitchen knives, it does sound interesting and relevant to current times. I'd wish you luck but, it doesn't sound like you've relied on that much thus far.
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    Yep passing the phd quals is a big one. I remember when I passed mine the thought went through my head: wow I will never ever have to take an exam again for as long as I live. That was 38 years ago and indeed I have never taken another exam since then!

    So Congrats again!

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    Larrin, thats an amazing story and one smart young man. Its also very interesting that your studdying metalurgy for the automotive industry. You know were all secretly hoping that you will develop another uber steel for Papa, so he can transform that into the sharp and shinny objects we love so much on this forum. Way to go man!
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    Cheers for the update, that's great news. Hope you didn't mind my resurrection of the thread.
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    Big congratulations!

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    Awesome Larrin! Congrats! Sounds like a huge amount of work but so worth it. That test seems so daunting.
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