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Thread: Braised pork shanks..

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    I did pick up some prickly pair along with the agave at the Mexican market, so we are kinda on the same page. I have a few lemon drop chiles to add, as well as a few more ancho and fresh smoked scotch bonnet. Should be interesting. I might smoke a few shanks first too. Just begging to try out the smoker I bought last week
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    Looking good. I think I might try doing a pork shank Barbacoa. Ironically, not cooked on the BBQ.
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    Turned out mostly perfect. 4.5 hours at 400 with 17 shanks needed about 45 more minutes for perfection. I should have left out four or five shanks for more space between..
    And the cactus added nothing to the dish. Good stuff!

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    Pics of the final result?
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