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Thread: Fujiwara Maboroshi no Meito Gyuto opinions

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    Fujiwara Maboroshi no Meito Gyuto opinions

    Hey all,
    So, i'm thinking about picking this bad boy up in a 210mm and have it re-handled with some nice koa. It runs about $400 (I would have gone with the 240 but the price jumps to $680 ). From the limited reviews i've found online it looks like a good buy. With a nice re-handle it will end up running about $550 total with labor. Anyone have more info on how it performs and compares to other knives in its price range. Trying to get the most bang for my buck, and if I ever want to get a custom down the road and need to sell, I wouldn't want it to depreciate like crazy. Also, I'm looking in the stainless/clad/semi category. As always, thanks a ton,


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    They are nice cutters sorta like a Heiji in that they are heavy knives and take some adjustment in terms of sharpening and cutting to really get the most out of them. The steel takes a fantastic edge and holds pretty well relative to other carbon steels. What might put you off is the fit and finish. It isn't just the scales. Sometimes there are multiple places on the knife where it just doesn't seem to be put together with much care considering the price tag. It they are purely cosmetic issues, in my experience but it is a rustic-looking knife for not so rustic prices. I have a couple of Fujiwaras and I like them plenty myself. They aren't for everyone though.

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    I've played around with these a bit. The Maboroshi is quite nice. The Denka is the best steel I've ever seen or used, forum ultra favorites included. The finishing is rustic, I don't think that is by accident, though as the gentleman above said, it isn't for everybody.

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    Any reason why you don't just pick up a gengetsu western? $330 w/saya.

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    there is one 210mm Fujiwara gyuto asking for $300 at KF. check HERE
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boots View Post
    $680 for a 240mm!!? Where are you looking to buy these from? No need to get a 210 when you'd like a 240 and they're only Y42,000 (currently USD $422.13 - I checked) direct from the shop Fujiwara and his wife have in Tokyo. I see the 210 runs at only Y23,100 ($232.17) too, so you must be looking at an overseas vendor that's overcharging.

    I was interested in one in the past, but have never seen one in person. I like the look of the hammered rustic finish on these and I hear Fujiwara gets great results with his steel, though I have also noticed less positive comments about the handle scales in the past.
    Or consider the following... The exchange rate was at 74 not too long ago and the vendor could have bought the knife the ... That, together with international shipping, wire fees/exchange fees, and any other details you may have missed

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    Hey Guys,
    Thanks for the feedback on these. Especially, tk, that's deff the kind of info i'm looking for. In terms of price I was looking at JKI and EE. Their about the same price, but i'll take a look at the sites listed above and the other recommendations. Thx!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by labor of love View Post
    Any reason why you don't just pick up a gengetsu western? $330 w/saya.
    Don't know much about this knife to be honest. I see it on JKI, but reviews on the western are a little scarce. Opinions??

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    my main point wasnt to jump on your for this, but rather to help people understand why things are the way they are sometimes... the internet is a tough place for business, as the only thing that often maters is price competition. This can be good and bad. Its almost always good for the customer, but for vendors, it makes making a living a bit tough. Moreover, for the makers, the price competition can sometimes devalue the price of their goods and diminish their brand value (not in this case, but shigefusa comes to mind as a good example from a while back... a few years ago, price competition in the US and AUS led to our online prices being the same as or lower than wholesale prices for shigefusa knives in Japan). Also, some other things that people dont always consider are international shipping costs, customs fees, exchange fees, wire fees, and risk associated with buying knives sight unseen (for example, de-lamination issues, QC issues, damage in transit, etc.). Anyways, just some food for thought before jumping to the conclusion that someone is ripping you off...


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    Jon isn't the kind of guy to go spouting off to make himself or his prices seem good. He's 100% right. The exchange rate can really affect final prices, and depending on when you got the stock....

    In fact, I'm currently trying to make something work with a maker who I consider one of the best in the business, but the damn red tape is tough to break through.

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