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Thread: Any former smokers have any usefull advice?

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    Posted something similar to this on another cooking forum, my heart genuinely goes out to anyone trying to quit. But its a bit of different story for everyone so I hope that you take away that there are many different ways to put them down, and the only right way is what works for you. I smoked heavily for about 6-8 years, pack and half to two packs a day, more if I was drinking, which I generally was. I tried quitting five or six times using most over the counter methods, and cold turkey a few dozen times, for the time I smoked I never went more than 24 hours without a cigarette. I finally broke down and used Chantix, it worked great for me. I haven't smoked in 5 years. I had one relapse where I smoked very lightly for a brief amount of time about 3 years ago, noticed how bad they made me feel and since then haven't had one. I think that what helped me quit for good was developing the will power to say no to cravings. I walked around for a year with a couple of packs of cigarettes on me at all times, in my car and in my backpack. I think this gave me a bit of steely resolve about it. The other thing that was just as important was developing a physical exercise routine. It might sound hokey but running is like a new addiction for me now, if I don't do it I feel like **** and get more moody than I was without a cigarette, or a drink, or a bump. I guess there are ways to focus the bad into something good, and I'm much healthier all around now.

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    I quit 8 years ago, it was my second time, the first lasted a couple of years. This is what worked for me:

    1. I really wanted to quit, I was feeling really crappy, short of breath, cough, the works, and I wasn't even in my thirties yet.
    2. Patches, they helped me a lot the first weeks
    3. Exercise, absolutely essential, gym and cycling worked for me.

    Good luck!

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    Move to Hawaii, you won't be able to afford smokes
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    i smoked cigarettes for years, and quit cold turkey about 4 years ago. one of the better decisions i've made. i have an addictive personality, so i was quite surprised to find that it wasn't all that hard. it was much easier for me to not go buy a pack than it is, say, to not sharpen a knife that needs sharpening.

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    i quit almost 7 years ago after smoking for 35. yeah, i'm that old, and hard-headed. 2nd heart attack impacted me. i just threw them away and haven't lit one up since. you want to quit? just don't smoke another one.
    Tom Gray, Seagrove, NC

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    After I got my lung shot out I smoked off and on for a few years. The chronic bronchitis didn't help much, butt I just kept trying to not smoke so much and eventually got off tobacco all together. When my dad decided to quit he just stopped.
    Spike C
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    I've got nothing for you. I can't think of anyone in my life that's quit smoking while I knew them but if you can do it, my hat's off to you.

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    Me and the wife were in a meeting in January a few years ago and the teacher asked what our new years resolutions were. I thought that I was being funny when I raised my hand and told the teacher that my resolution was to not smoke, having never smoked. It embarrassed the wife and she gave me a hard elbow in the ribs.

    I now know that karma is real because shortly there after I caught my left leg on fire while forging (I was smoking), and for an encore I caught my right leg on fire a couple of weeks later, both required skin graphs. After years of forging this was the only time that I caught myself on fire.

    I've never smoked in the regular sense and now I'm trying not to catch myself on fire again.

    Good luck.

    Love and respect


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    Walking the same road, and it's a long one. Smoked for 23 years, but knew that either when I became a father, turned 40 or in reality became both in the same year, that I will not be doing so as a smoker. That is my conviction And motivation, that and I've pretty much put aside the drink for now...
    Good luck man!

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    My wife and I quit smoking 9 years ago using this treatment. Never looked back. It's like we were never smokers to begin with.
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