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Thread: Re-handling advice. How to avoid wearing out drill bits.

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    You need a very sturdy setup to drill with carbide becaues it is brittle and can snap and ruin your 10 dollar plus bit very easily. For 1095 or fairly simple carbon steels, ff you keep the blade cool by submerging it in water or a least a wet rag, you can heat the tang to cherry red a few times and let it cool in still air, thus normalizing it and it drills very easy with regular bits. Do not get higher alloy steels to red because they can air harden, you are better off just tempering them to a lower hardness.

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    Cobalt bit, slow speed, plenty of coolant. Recently I put a slab on the tang with double face tape then drilled thru from the tang side. Then I taped the other slab on and drilled thru from the other side of the handle. That worked better than trying to drill one side then the other.

    I really like that idea of annealing the tang for drilling. Don't want to make it too soft tho. I recently got a Regent Sheffield 10" chef and it's like a laser - really thin. Light weight, nice tap tone and hard. I know my die master blade is getting tired, but 'bout 1-1/2" from the choil section it stopped cutting. I had to finish with grinder, sander, and file.

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    I found this discussion interesting -

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    can i submerge the whole lot in a tub with water than drill?

    that might actually work

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    If you use a hand drill you can.

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