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Thread: Coffee, Extraction, Beans

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    to me Kona is overrated i have been buying the coffee we use as our house stuff to me its awesome, its Venezuelan and i add in a little of the dark roast stuff to, really good stuff.

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    The last Kona I had I did not enjoy either. I am enjoying Ethiopian coffees from regions that produce blueberry flavors and regions that are known for hints of citrus with chocolate. Some of the Costa Rica have too much citrus acidic taste for my liking but I am enjoying some right now. I usually enjoy most Kenyan beans as well.

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    That's some nice detail Troy, thanks.

    The extraction seems a little long at 5.5min. Does the coffee reflect this, or it not noticeable in practice? (sometimes numbers are just numbers)
    Have you tried brewing a little cooler, say 197, to offset the long extraction a little?

    I gotta respect your taste in coffee, throw in Guatemala and you have my favorite regions as well.
    -Enjoy the ride. *** All statements made herein are my personal opinion and nothing more, regardless of tone or context. ***

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    Yes Guetemala! I just finished some Finca El Socorro and enjoyed the butterscotch and sweetness. Also El Salvador, the Malacara.

    It has been awhile since I played with the temp variable.

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    We have tried so many green beans and we always land on the Konas. On the other hand, out of the six different Konas we have tried.. Two have been heads/tails above the rest and the others were just better than most.
    And Kona Earth, Estate Grade from GBBC
    are the two that anyone that has had a cup says "that was damn good" every time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by compaddict View Post
    Behmor 1600 roaster is a nice machine. I am in love with Kona and being a low grown I can roast 18oz at a time. One of the tricks with the 1600 is to pull the drum and get the beans cooling fast. Try The Grean Bean Buying Club for a good source of Kona. Good community as well.
    Glad to know about this,I will try to purchase it ,is it good for commercial use too?I just want a review before purchasing it....

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    IIR Jason did a review of the Behmor 1600 here. You might want to search for that coffee thread.


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    Behmor is a great machine, especially for the beginner. At first it will roast up to 1 lb, but after 100+ uses the ability starts to diminish. I break the warranty (not like it matters at this point) and use the 1 lb mode for 1/2 lb so I can get the roast I want. When this machine breaks down, I will go for a Hot Top. I currently have about 200 lbs roasted in my current Behmor, my second one in 6 years. BTW, it is not for commercial use, unless using it for a sampler machine (in house, not customer).

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    I've got to get one of those roasters.

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