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Thread: For a friend amongst us!

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    Absolutely stunning knife. Congratulations Son and great work Pierre.

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    That looks like a great knife Pierre, like everyone said, you can tell it's a Pierre and you can tell it's for Son, amazing. You're gonna need to find a real old school rat trap to make a saya for that one Son!

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    Truly a work of art. Congrats to you both.
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    Can't think of anyone more deserving of such a killer blade. It looks like Son made it with his brainpower!
    This makes my day. You guys are awesome.
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    Beautiful work, it looks perfect! Congrats Son, hope it is exactly what you were wanting.

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    a gift that is totally handmade by the person giving it has an entirely different dimension to it.

    When I was in the rural areas in Cambodia, i am always touched by people who gave me "fruits of their labour". rice and fruits. On one occasion, the host climbed up the coconut tree to pluck coconuts for us to have fresh coconut juice.

    Its always nice to see kindness, good intentions etc reciprocated. and also when people touch base with people whom we have affected/helped or shaped us in our journey in life.

    Salute! to both of you.

    rgds d

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    Gear to see full pics, Pierre! Looks amazing.

    Son, I remember talking to you on the phone a little over a month ago (was it that long?), and you were bragging about how you were getting a Rodrigue (as much as you even know how to brag). I'm glad it popped out of nowhere and that it's insanely awesome!

    Congrats to both of you guys. Best place on the Internet.......

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    great looking knife... what i love is without any description and casual forum knowledge its easy to guess this knife would be one son would love.
    congrats to both of you hope you put it through its paces son.

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    Looks amazing

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    Beautiful work Pierre. Son - where do you anchor your lanyard? Neck, belt, wrist? . . . and does it have to be stainless?

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