These are some of the very best blocks from a shipment of burl I got from Western Australia earlier this year.
The blocks were less than a year old when I got them so they are not ready to use yet.
To prevent any mistakes, the sticker reads "Do Not Use Before 2015".
I figured that would give them plenty of time to finish drying and let them acclimate.

The blocks have been waxed on the ends and the cut surfaces have been sealed with CA glue.
This has been done to protect against cracks forming as they acclimate. I do this because of advice from an Australian knife maker.
I had asked why all the Australian Burls have so many cracks. But we see Australian knives with such beautiful handles.
He told me that the way he does things with Australian timber is to seal the cut surfaces with CA glue.
Then put them aside for at least a year. He said to look over the blocks every once in a while. If any checks or open eyes appear just apply a drop or two of CA glue to keep them from opening further. There may still be some minor fills required when finishing the handle but this way eliminates the possibility of any big flaws.

The red blocks in this photo are E. Horistes Burl. One of the many types of Australian Eucalyptus. The gold/brown blocks are Rib Fruited Mallee burl.
The flash from the camera and the black background make these blocks look lighter than they look in real life.

Click on the photo to see all of the Australian Burl blocks in the web store.