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Thread: WTB: Carter Stainless Fukugozai Funayuki

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    Lefty: If the handle is ok we can send it But you see this project Im sure you gonna send your knife to Darkhoek for polish and rehandle
    If you live in US, you could also talk to Marko. He is a skilled polisher, but more important he makes wa like no other .)

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    I have a bad feeling I'll be getting it rehandled, but only once I absolutely have to (meaning I can't put up with the stock handle anymore)!
    At least your ferrule is somewhat nice. I think mine is made out of tire scraps and electrical tape!

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    I believe the "ferrule" is just paint on the same dhandle. For me this knife is a project. Gonna have it tested and abused like no other knife. I will do things with this that I would never do with any of my more expensive knives. Im looking forward to it in a few weeks. However Iceland just had an eruption of magma, so the planes my be grounded

    Im no Dman, so for me octagon is the only way to roll
    At least talk to Marko, he might have a second class handle if you are not going all the way And he could compare the handle to my Carter as it is sent to him

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