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Thread: Synthetic Aoto is going bye-bye

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    Synthetic Aoto is going bye-bye

    After some consideration I've decided to drop this stone from my site. I'll keep it listed for a few more days to give people a chance to get one before it's gone.

    XL Synthetic Aoto

    L Synthetic Aoto

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    What was the deciding factor? I've always wondered about this stone.
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    Mine broke in 3 places and I thought I was careful

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    I feel kinda cruddy selling this stone, even with my strong warnings, because it's just too likely to cause the customer problems - why sell something that could leave a bad taste in the customer's mouth?

    Funny thing though is that I'll re-order one for myself if mine breaks or gets too thin (it's an XL that's 1/2" thick now).

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