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Thread: Trade: 240 Masamoto KS Gyuto w/Blond Ferrule

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    Trade: 240 Masamoto KS Gyuto w/Blond Ferrule

    Hey all,

    Curious if someone would like to trade for a Masamoto KS 240 gyuto. Great knife, bought it from turbochef, which he purchased from this sale, and looks the same. Great knife in all, love the profile and geometry. I just need something with better edge retention for use in a pro kitchen. Sharpened once by me, and takes a screaming edge. Come with the saya.

    Looking to trade for a western 240 gyuto...maybe a Ginga Kagero, yo-Konosuke HD, possibly a DT ITK (long shot, and I know it's a wa ) and I could throw in a few bucks. Just seeing if anyone feels like a trade. Thanks!

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    Interested in a straight up sale?

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    240mm Kochi gyuto w/ a V2 core kU finish?
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    Thanks for all the offers everyone, but it's still up for trade. Looking for a western kono hd, kagero or yo-ginga. I'm open to other knives, and maybe a wa-handled blade, if it's the right one (DT or Marko with some cash form me...) Not really looking for anything with a KU finish. Feel free to drop a PM, thanks all!

    Quote Originally Posted by rdm_magic View Post
    Interested in a straight up sale?
    Maybe, but I'd give dibs to turbochef, as he asked me to give him first right of refusal if I went to sell it in the future. But who knows what might happen

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    240mm Kochi gyuto w/ a V2 core kU finish?
    Thanks for the offer! Love the Kochi, but I'm trying to stay away from KU finishes ATM.

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    Knife is gone. Thanks to everyone for all the generous offers.

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