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Thread: Dave Martell Knives - 1st run

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    Dave Martell Knives - 1st run

    OK, here's what we're going to be offering on the first round....

    Steel O-1

    240mm western

    240mm wa

    300mm western

    300mm wa

    We will make what is ordered. If you want to get in on the first round please contact me.

    Here's some cardboard cutouts traced from drawings I made. They're pretty rough and not exact in size but close enough to give you a feel of what I'm doing.

    240mm gyuto

    300mm wa sujihiki

    300mm western sujihiki

    I'd love to hear your thoughts on the designs.

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    Oh My oh my!

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    Looks good to me, I like a bit of belly. 2 things: What's the blade height at the heel? The wa tang looks a bit short, but maybe I am thinking Watanabe here...


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    The gyuto is 58mm, the suji is 45mm in heal height.

    The wa tangs are short on the cardboard but the actual knife tangs will be a bit longer.

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    love the shape of the blade and handle of the western suji. too bad i already have a 300mm western suji. maybe when you start making 240 or 270mm sujis.

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    Love the blade designs, Dave. The "kiritsuke" tip of the suji gives the knife some character. I would love to see a bit more palm belly on the western handle of the gyuto though, and maybe even a bit rounded heel for the pinch grippers out there. Adding a picture of my latest custom reshape and handle fitting as an example. Got the blanks from ebay

    Ended up like this:


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    Hmmm. That didn't work right :/ New go....


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    I've been finding I prefer a gyuto with a flatter edge along the back half. That profile looks like there isn't much of a flat area (although it's hard to tell without a line for reference). I'll be very interested to see how the batch of 240s turns out, as I'll be looking for a 270 later in the year.

    It's cool to see you getting into this, and I know with your meticulous attention to detail the knives are going to be great!
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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    I usually prefer a flatter profile as well, though I did find the Watanabe gyuto (which I think Dave used as a Base) quite nice to use. Wish I still had that knife around so I could compare. Actually, I think that Jay (jwpark) has it up for sale right now.

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    Hi Guys,
    Thanks for the feedback.

    Regarding the blade belly on the gyuto, I can tell you that it appears far more severe in the pictures than in real life although this pattern does have more belly than some knives do. An interesting thing is that I prefer a flatter bellied knife myself yet I can feel how nice this design is when in use that it's won me over. I guess we won't know for sure until the steel is on the board though.

    With regards to the handle needing more belly and curve, that's no problem since I designed the handle slightly oversized in certain spots knowing what I'll be removing material to get to the final shape. I hate working on a thin tang knowing that I'm somewhat restricted in what I can do. That's my thought on it anyway.

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