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Thread: Ittosai 330MM Honyaki Yanagiba NEW

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    Ittosai 330MM Honyaki Yanagiba NEW

    Brand New never used 330mm Honyaki Yanagiba...bought from Korin about 4 - 5 years ago. Comes with Ebony saya and pin. For those that don't know...there is a coating on these knives put on at the factory. It is done to prevent rust during shipment / display. Ittosai is the only company I know who does this but there may be more. I never removed the coating (don't know what it is, or how to get it off, though I'm sure someone on the boards here does). I still kept the knife oiled; one can never be too sure. This one has a hamon line but it is not as high contrast as some of the other knives I have sold. Can't find these anymore, not sure why but they have all but disappeared within the US on the primary market at least. First 1k takes it...

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    a blue steel mizu-honyaki it is

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    Dead sexy....

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    I have the 300 mm honyaki gyuto. Absolutely love it and use it often. Why are you selling.

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    ture Mizu-Honyaki & Ebony saya ........Good Luck With Sale!!
    Charles ***[All statements I made here only my personal opinion and nothing more!]*** & Please bare with me for my crappy English!!

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    so tempting! GLWS

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    How much money

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    Quote Originally Posted by ivyliu868 View Post
    How much money
    He stated the pice in the original post and then later listed this knife as sold

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    it was 1K

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