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Thread: New Gyuto Advice Please.

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    Imagine a doctor only answering his patient's question!

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    More like asking about an eye exam and the doctors insist on talking about your flat feet

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    +1 masamoto vg, the handle is huge and the blade is awesome. great cutter, edge lasts and easy to sharpen.

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    Ok, i'm back. Not been around much last few days so missed all this excitment. Thanks for all views and comments. My old knife was put on stones once i think but only lightly as i didn't really know what i was doing. Other than that it was just steeled. I will try and get an edge put back on it as it's still useful for getting through bones if nothing else once the new knife arrives.
    I ordered the Kanetsugu Saiun 230mm gyutu, must have been the last one as the sold out sign went up shortly afterwards on JCK. I have ordered a ceramic steel, (controversial? I don't know) for light use and will buy some stones shortly, though i'm assuming it shouldn't need grinding for some time.
    Thanks for the pms also, all much appreciated.

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    Welcome to the forum. Hope you're pleased with your new knife!

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