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Thread: Italian sausage Weekend

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    Very nice! They look perfect.

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    Stephan, thats funny that when people think about making sausage, they focus on the stuffing part the most. thats the part that really makes it look like well, sausage right. However, you can still do it for yourself, in small batches, without messing with casings and stuffing them... to be honest, you don't NEED a grinder althought preferred. Like Sachem said, the Chinese just use sharp knived/clevers and chop chop on a board. I know you know you're way around a kitchen, but once you've mastered the meat/fat/seasoning forumulation, you could just wrap and roll the meat in saran wrap, then simmer them in beer and onions, water or whatever. Cool them completely, then fry them in a pan under low heat. Don't poke them, last critical step is to let them rest for ten minutes.

    Aside from using well trimmed Grade 1 meat devoid of lips, ass, sinus and glands, fresh hog fat back (not belly, Butt...) is the best fat to use for any forcemeat (unless you can get Jowl or fresh Leaf fat.

    If you can, please PM me ;-)

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