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Thread: New carbon in the mail!

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    New carbon in the mail!

    Got me some new carbon today, courtesy of Yaxell and Rakuten. Nothin' real special, just a 165mm Aogami #2 santoku (I know), and a 240mm SK-5 yanagiba.
    The santoku has fairly minimal F&F, and a minor grind defect at the tip, but, it is super thin and has a nice distal taper. It was usably sharp OOTB, but I put it to the stones and even with my mediocre sharpening skills put a bitingly sharp edge on it pretty easily. I've been wanting to play with a santoku and a yanagiba for some time, and didn't want to spend big $$ on something that I might not like using in the end.
    The yanagiba has nice even grinds, and is even hollow ground on the back side. Also usably sharp OOTB, but I haven't tried to sharpen it yet. I'm always worried about scuffing up a pretty blade.
    It's apparent that the majority of the cost savings on these is in the minimally finished magnolia handles. For around $80 for both, to my door, I ain't gonna complain.

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    80 for them sounds like a good buy.

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    For $80, awesome. Always wanted to play with single bevel knives, and this seems like a way to do it.

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    Nice, no complaints for that price.... Enjoy your new toys!!!

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    wow, $80 for both.
    it looks great!!

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    Thanks, guys.
    They seem like pretty decent pieces of steel for the $$. It's kinda fun to do the finer finish work at home, like de-horning and rehandling and whatnot.

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