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Thread: Who wears a neck knife?

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    Before I went to Carters site years ago, I never knew they existed or saw anyone using one. I'd like one, just can't seem to be able to justify the price for the use.

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    There's a pretty cool guy name Rick Lowe who makes them for a good price. Another very good company to look at for cheap ones is CRKT. Again, I have one of each in my drawer.

    I'm with Justin on the kydex click. It puts your mind at ease, which is a positive, for sure.

    Wait, how did I not think of Butch??? His neckers are crazy!

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    I find my Carter uncomfortable to wear and generally carry it in my purse. There's an option for you--a manbag. Getting the knife in/out of the kydex is annoying. I think I would like leather better.

    If you're interested in a Carter but don't like the price, keep an eye on his clearance section. Mine is a "second" and I can't find anything wrong with it. Combine the clearance price with a coupon from his "Sharpening Tips" newsletter and they start getting to be reasonable.
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    I carry mine by mike Davis, not everyday but often. I need to slim down the sheath more and have it just cover the blade I think it'd be more enjoyable to wear.

    But I hate having my pockets full so I tend to carry that if i need a knife for anything

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    Yeah, The Carters were a lot more reasonable a few years ago and with one of his email promotional coupons that Lucretia mentioned, and she's right on about his "2nds"; functionally they're just as good as "1sts". I can never begrudge someone for taking advantage of supply and demand, but it's sad that they're priced out a range where they're likely to see much hard use now. Kinda like what happened to Hinderer.

    I think those falcon knives that Randy is making look really good and seem very reasonable at $130.
    Fowler also has a pretty affordable line; $100 more, but I think they're a big bigger / harder use:
    Rader was also involved in a mid-tech joint venture making some really cool neck and tactical edc type knives, but he recently sold his half to his partner in order to have less distraction from his custom work. I don't think that the site is live yet:
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    I have an ESEE Izula that I carry on occasion. I think neck knives are super cool but in practice I don't like a knife hanging around my kneck.

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    I bought one of Randy's and love the thing. I just have a problem wearing anything around my neck. I pretty much put it in my coat pocket. The "falcon claw" is really suitable for the pocket, or just taking the blade out without the use of the cord. (one handed)

    Looking at the new release of what Carter has had coming out here recently I was thinking of getting one for my sis, she likes to ride Harley's, I can see her getting some use of having one.
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    I started with a Carter, then went to a Bark River, flirted with a Rick Lowe and then one by Randy, and currently wear a Tom Krein Dogfish in CPM154 manufactured by CRKT under license.

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    That CRKT Dogfish has a nice blade shape, closest I have found to what I want. I see them at some places for about $15, may be ordering one.
    How do you like it, quality, sheath?

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    I'd love to borrow one of your Carter to familiarize myself with what a neck knife is - never held one in my hand. Like the idea of a fixed blade small knife, though would probably not wear it on my neck.


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