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Thread: forced patina on shigefusa?

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    No bubblewrap. Just a small applicator bottle picked up at the craft store for about a buck, filled with store-brand mustard. Apply mustard in dots, stripes, whatever, let it dry for a couple of hours, wash it off, and give it a light cleaning with fine steel wool. Repeat until you're happy. I think this had 4-5 applications of mustard on each side. WIP on my ZK here towards the bottom of the page. The ZK was done using a finger to apply the mustard. I like using the applicator bottle better--it gives you more control.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lefty View Post

    *Fun fact (or, from what I've read, a fact): Red bell peppers have three times the vitamin c of an orange and are considered a super food, because of their anti-oxidant properties and huge vitamin content.
    Thanks, I didn't know that. I never cook much of anything, from plain ol' beans to stir fry, without red peppers. Not to mention just grabbing a super fresh one to eat raw.

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