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Thread: Damasteel Pettys

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    The funny thing is I haven't chipped it, but on the board, I feel like it will chip, if that makes any sense.
    I think it has to do with the feeling it sends to my hands at the bottom of my cuts (seriously).
    It's always given me the feeling of a piece of broken glass on concrete.
    I guess that, and that sometimes vg10 just is chippy at the start.

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    I have always heard of VG-10 being chippy, but have never had any issue with my VG-10 knives.

    In terms of the Damasteel, it has not seen much board action, and probably never will being a paring knife, but so far I cannot even compare it to VG-10.

    The paring is SUPER thin, almost too thin, it has alot of flex which I am still getting used to, but this may be an advantage. I have only used it a few time since I just received it last night, but can post my perceptions in a week or so.

    Asestically, the knife is beautiful, Pierre has gone above and beyond in craftsmanship.

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