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Thread: Henckels, Wusthof, Thiers-Issard or Global as the kitchen knife?

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    Henckels, Wusthof, Thiers-Issard or Global as the kitchen knife?

    Hello guys,
    I am looking for a Top notch knife set, as a good addition to a kitchen.
    I did some research on popular knife makers, and they are: J.A. Henckels (Germany), WUSTHOF, Thiers-Issard, and Global (Japan)

    So far I am looking at Henckels Pro-S 8(set), what you guys think?
    Which Hencheks are better Pro-S or Five star?
    OR If I am missing something, which of the Henckels series are the best?

    But again, I really want a VERY (top notch) set aprox 5-10 knifes.
    Out of Henckels (Germany), WUSTHOF (germany), Thiers-Issard (france), and Global (Japan)
    Which of these brands make THE BEST knifes, I mean top #1
    as well suggest some models, if I am missing something, please add.

    Highly appreciate your help,

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    may be the new Henkels Bob Kramer?
    but you have to take care of the knife because it is carbon.

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    Get a set of henckels miyabi knives. The steel is not too hard so they won't chip and the handles and blade shapes are excellent.

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    henckels miyabi knives look very Nice,
    but how are Pro-S Series?
    Are they good? better or worth than henckels miyabi ?

    Henckels , Wusthof, TI (Sabatier, france), or Global (japan) ?

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    What sort of cooking will these knives be used for? How much experience does the cook have?
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    Cooking experince about 7 years.
    I want somethign really good, that will last me a life time.

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    I love it when a question starts on which mass production knives to get, it moves to the higher end of the spectrum like miyabi, then people will chip in why henckles, you get more value out of such and such *** knife, and another convert is born!

    Next up, try checking out the carbonext range at

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    The henckels 5 star and pro s are virtually the same knives. They have the exact same blade with different handles.
    The 5 star series has been discontinued, so great deals can be had, but only if you go that route.
    The blades are decent steel, but very soft compared to what we like over here (56hrc, or so). They respond well to steeling because of the softer steel, but the bolsters get in the way when sharpening. They will eventually have to be filed down to allow for metal loss on the edge, due to sharpening.
    I also have experience with the Thiers-Issard, and they are VERY nice knives, but are a different breed compared to our preferred j-knives. One very nice attribute on the TI knives is the relieved bolster, and an option with no "figure guard" at all. The steel, however is much like henckels knives, and again responds very well to steeling. I love the TI looks and handles, but everything you mentioned is well finished.
    If I had to choose between your options, I'd go TI.
    HOWEVER, j-knives are, quite honestly nicer than anything you mentioned here.

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    You are forgetting the other direction these thread often go -- advising 'down' to Forschners.

    With that said, do we have a sticky like Adam's at Knife Forums that solicits basic info so that feedback can be more focused/better? The KF one was rather extensive IMO and also a bit confusing to newbies, but a shortened/simpler version might be nice.

    Just for reference, here are the questions from KF.

    What are you looking for in your new knife?
    What knife are you currently using that looking to replace or partner with?
    What other knives do you own/use for tasks that you're looking to use the new knife for?
    How do you grip the knife?
    Do you prefer the knife balanced more handle heavy or blade heavy?
    Do like a tall or short blade?
    Do want it thin-thin, heavier build, or a some description of something in between?
    Do you prefer a flatter edge or more curvy?
    Do you like the blade to 'belly up' or flat, parellel with the handle?
    What handle shape would you like?
    What handle materials are you looking for?
    What budget constraints do you have?
    What sharpening equipment do you have?
    What other special features/accessories would you like?

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    First of all, you do not need a set. You only need 2 or 3 knives. A chef knife, a petty/utility knife, and a bread knife if you cut a lot hard crusty breads. All the German knives use the same or similar steel as a 25 dollar Forschner, so the extra money is for aesthetics alone since the Forshners are thinner and perform better.

    If you are dead set on getting a knife available at the big cooking stores; then I would go with the Henkel miyabi fusions sold at Sur La Table. They have very good steel and are pretty also.

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