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Thread: Foodies that post bad review and don't know what there talking about?

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    Foodies that post bad review and don't know what there talking about?

    Hey Guys,

    we were talking about this last night at work and i have seen it happen at every place i have worked at whether good or bad.

    But the "foodie" customers that come in, judge all the food, ambiance etc, make judgments, then write a negative online review without ever mentioning a word while at the restaurant.

    I mean i am all for people writing a bad review if you get bad service and if you get food that was overall not good, its when they go into detail like discrediting the chefs and recipes when they don't even have accurate information.

    For example there was a review written for a restaurant i worked at about the truffle mac and cheese and how the sour cream is over powering and disgusting, there wasn't even sour cream in the recipe. I mean if they dont like it why not send it back? or simply put the mac and cheese was not very good or bland etc.

    What do you guys think? Just curious as to what others opinions on this are? The consensus was the same as mine but we all work in the kitchen.

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    This really gets under my skin. There is a lady in charleston who trashes 90% of the places she eats in for one thing or another and she doesn't have a clue what she's talking about. Because she set up a fancy blog urbanspoon gave her the title of top food blogger in chucktown. I wish there was a website that let restaurants review foodies/bloggers/urbanspooning/yelpers

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    that seems to be the case in pretty much reviews of ANYTHING. pretentious people who don't actually know what they're talking about just jabbering on. i freaking hate foodies, they're so full of **** and have poor taste anyway.

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    Watch Real Actors Read Yelp Reviews, makes all those bad reviewers look like morons,lol.

    We recently had on say their meal was ruiened by "our" trash out the window. It was garage day, and the trash was clearly our neighbors, as the only windows by seats look out across the street. This same guy reviewed the local Starbucks and said he wasn't going to go back because the barista had a visable tattoo.

    We also had someone state in a review that they wouldn't be coming back because our bread is not vegan, but then later say that the only enjoyable part of the meal was the 5 spice crusted duck breast. Can't let it get to you, and just laugh about it.

    The only people who actually complain during their meal here are people who know even less. Like our "spicy red curry chicken" is not real curry, or our chicken breast "tastes" like its not free range. I love food blogs, I read about a dozen regularly, but I think they also give some people an idea in their heads that they are gods gift to food or some crap like that.

    Yelp is crap, and urbanspoon isn't that much better. Can't say to much bad about urbanspoon though, we are #6 in PA and #1 in Hanover, lol. But even then, our bad reviews are hilarious.

    BTW, or chicken is free range, lol.
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    I think some people are negative and it just shows through in everything, including their reviews. But I think the foodies that give the worst reviews are people who think to be discerning is to be super critical, which is really missinformed.

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    It's pretty ironic that I, at times, hate reading blogs/reviews, because I gladly do the odd review and obviously post a lot on here. However, while I love food and I love that food's boundaries have been pushed, I can't help but think TV, the Internet and the ability to be read worldwide, even if you are uneducated on a topic has really made restaurants and food culture go a bit nuts. I don't need to eat chili threads or foams nor do I have to have a spiced cappuccino (I made that one up, but it makes sense when you think about food science). I miss regular old food, and I think a big part of why I like the chefs I do...celebrity or not. It's funny, I follow Graham Elliot on Instagram and find I love his non-food pictures and get irritated by his food pics. Meh, maybe I'm grumpy.

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    A real conversation I had after a shift while I was leaving with my knife kit.

    Them: "Ooh look here's one of the chefs."

    Them: "Excuse me, hi we just wanted to thank you for such a great meal."

    Me: "Oh that's no problem at all it's our pleasure really."

    T: "Everything was so wonderful really and you know our daughter is quite the foodie too!"

    M: "Well I'm glad you enjoyed everything, that makes it all worth it for us."

    Daughter: "Actually, I had a question about the scallops."

    M: thinking "Oh boy here we go with the foodie ****."

    D: "What was the thinking behind putting the scallops and the squash together? Don't you think putting two sweet items together is a bit much?"

    M: "Well, the squash were sauteed with roasted tomatoes, eggplant, kalamata olives, capers and a bit of anchovy so it was almost like a deconstructed ratatouille puttanesca. I thought there was a good balance between acidity, sweetness, salty and savory."

    D: "I don't know, just the thought of squash with scallops doesn't seem like a good idea to begin with. They're both just too sweet."

    M: Realizing I can't win with the all knowing foodie "Well I'm sorry about that, I guess we can't win them all. I'll be sure to tell the Chef and I hope the next time you join us your meal will be more to your satisfaction."

    D: "As long as you don't put the scallops with the squash anymore I think I'll be fine."

    M: "Well have a great night and thanks for the feedback."

    T: "Thank you so much! Five out of six ain't bad hahahaha"

    **** you *****! Whoever invented the word foodie can go **** themselves too!
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    this is why i take pictures of the food and reserve comment... also, it helps that i just love food in general... not much to complain about for the most part

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBroida View Post
    this is why i take pictures of the food and reserve comment... also, it helps that i just love food in general... not much to complain about for the most part
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    I blame Iron Chef and Jeffery Stiengarten . I can't imagine why average people would try go give tips to people that cook for hours on end daily for hundreds of people. The usual problem I see with online reviews is lack of ingredient knowledge, and the unrealistic expectations that come with that.

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