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Thread: Having trouble making flat grinds on my grinder.

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    Having trouble making flat grinds on my grinder.

    I have noticed that when I put wood for handles against my flat platten that my grinder will make the wood convex by either grinding the top, bottom, or both more than the center. I am pretty sure I am applying even pressure, and I have it so the belt is resting against the platten when the grinder is off. Am I doing something wrong, or do I just need to get better at grinding? Thanks for the help.

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    The abrasive grabs the leading edge of the material and pulls it down.
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    So how can I combat this? Just practice?

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    I've never been able to use a belt grinder to the flatten the inside of wood scales as nice as I want them. I had to get a disc grinder for this task. This is a whole lot better (98% good to go) but still I find that I have to finish by hand to get them dead ass flat.

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    Thanks. That is exactly what I needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by greasedbullet View Post
    So how can I combat this? Just practice?
    ....and sharp belts.
    As soon as I notice my belt starting to dull I replace it.
    A light touch with sharp belts, or a disc sander.
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    I find the join bump in the abrasive belt causes excessive abrasion on the leading edge of whatever you're sanding. I haven't been able to over come it yet.

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    A good hand plane will produce a nearly perfect surface. Of course, that's more tools, more sharpening, and another whole ball of wax!

    A piece of adhesive sandpaper stuck down well to a flat surface will do a better job than a belt of any type, but it's slower.


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