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Thread: Hello from Sweden!!

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    Hello from Sweden!!

    Browser crashed so lost the bible I just read...

    Well no good crying over spilt milk so back to the topic!

    Been browsing this forum as well as some others for a while but finally decided to pull my sh*t together and register!

    A short introduction:
    I'm from Stockholm, Sweden but moved out from my childhood home and away to Oslo, Norway about a year ago. I have a great interest in cooking and "meaningless things" in general and came up with combining the two and start to get in to kitchen knives!
    After months of research I finally think I have enough knowledge (and cash :P) to get my very first set of fine Japanese knives as well as stones. My first order will be put sometime during this week and I'm leaning towards the 240gyuto and a nakiri from masakages koishi line and a 330 white #3 yanagiba from kaneshige. I've chosen these three knives for various reasons so if u have any questions I'll do my best to answer.

    I will also give sharpening a go and have decided for a king 1200 and a 3k/8k fudo. Ok set up to start with?

    Other than that I just say hello and I hope I can contribute some to this forum at least :P

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    Welcome to kkf!

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    welcome to kkf!

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    Welcome! For advice concerning recommendations, you might want to complete the questionnaire designed for such purposes:

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