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Thread: New Video- Gesshin Ginga Knives

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    Does that mean you don't want your other knives? I could make a quick trip up there to help you with that problem...

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    My Ginga is a very social-type knife. Why, just last night it was telling me that it actually wanted more knives to hang out with. Now if you have a few that want to hang out, I'm sure we could make some room...

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    Maybe it just needs to crash a different party. It can hang with my 210 Fujiwara (and a DTITK, btw ).

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    Quote Originally Posted by goodchef1 View Post
    close-up still shots of rounded spine and choil, and its benefits. Pictures of store and history (establish connection to consumer), for those who do not know you. (unless you are only selling to members here)

    what separates your store from the hundreds of others out there that sell Japanese cutlery ie: warranty, return service, online/phone support, lead them to your website, create an urgency (Knives sell out quickly)(limited supplies) etc.

    with the explosion of Japanese cutlery on the market, a lot of consumers are more confused then ever. You need to, in a sense, hold there hand and lead them to your place.
    Maybe i need to do an introduction video for JKI

    The pictures of the spine and choil are already up on the website though. I was thinking about editing them in to the videos so people could see them there, but it was going to take more time than i had the other day

    Anyways, i see where you're coming from on this and i think i can make some positive changes

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    Quote Originally Posted by JanusInTheGarden View Post
    So as these knives seem to be pretty thin (laser-esque perhaps?), I was wondering if you could provide a comparison of these knives to--say--the konosuke hds?
    they are lasers for sure... grind is nearly identical to the HD's

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    I like how the makers are willing to do custom stuff. A 240 petty or sujihiki would be pretty useful, like an old trenchelard knife.

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    Another cool video--I'm definitely liking these! That 210 petty looks niiiiice. (Curse this lousy economy and my lack of excess spending cash!)
    - Erik

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    Hi John, there was a person on this forum claims that Ashi's stainless knives are made from AEB-L is that true? Is your Gesshin Ginga line uses AEB-L?


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