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Thread: Misono advice please

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    Jan 2013
    Thank you to everyone who replied to this. It is very helpful to have the benefit of your experienced eyes and my worry has been dispelled - namely that there is nothing wrong with the knife.
    Now I have to decide whether I actually like it, then start using the thing so I can get accustomed to it. It is very long and thin compared to what I am used to, and next to it my 210 CarboNext suddenly seems very small.
    Has anyone out there got experience with both of these steels who can say what difference I am going to find when it comes to using/sharpening this beast?


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    Amstelveen, The Netherlands
    The Misono comes with a nicely polished but overly convexed edge, ending up at some 35 degree inclusive. It is rather weak due to the factory buffering as so common with OOTB edges. You may start a few mm above the shoulders at the lowest angle you're comfortable with, on both sides. Common values for the final edge with this steel are some 10/15 degree, proportion 70/30.
    It may sound as a major operation, but the Swedish carbon sharpens very, very easily.

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