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Thread: Who makes the best Stainless Steel?

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    Devin's PM stainless, followed by Devin's AEB-L. HT is crucial for getting best performance from these steels.
    Both respond extremely well to 8K DMT touch up and stropping on 1M felt. PM has a bit more wear resistance, but having 8K plate near by, minimizes that advantage.

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    I have only used stainless from butch and mario and can say they both make good stuff, my paring knife from butch came with the sharpest edge potboiler of any knife I've ever bought, and it still has 90% with only stropping. My Mario gyuto has been sharpened a handful of time and every time I wonder what the big deal is with sharpening stainless cause I swear it sharpens just as easy as carbon. Btw I'm pretty sure both are CPM-154

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    Asai SG2 is great.

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