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Thread: Shout-out to CKTG

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    AJ, maybe we should go private with this conversation we're about to have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Martell View Post
    What if you had to start a forum because you were being kicked off of another forum (where your livelihood was earned) because the "said seller" had run you out of town.......would you still feel the same?
    Yes, sure! Being kicked off wouldn't be fun, worse if it involved your livelihood, and worse yet if you noticed the orchestrator's business blossom. Sympathies.

    Quote Originally Posted by mhlee View Post
    Vengeful? You consider the policies that are in place to be vengeful? Also, what do you mean by "envious bans"? Who's envious?
    Maybe have a read again and send me a PM if things aren't clear.

    Quote Originally Posted by mhlee View Post
    Or, is this kind of business model and strategy something you do already?
    Charming. No, no it isn't. Don't run a business and wouldn't enjoy copying one if I did. Nice of you to ask, though.

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    Maybe the best reply to the OP would have been none at all? Silence sends a big message and sometimes invites a discreet inquiry.

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    Hehe - yes, that's probably a good point!

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    Still want those koni funiyuki pics. ASAP. Lol

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    I have always received very good no-nonsense service from Mark.

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    Orville Redenbacher has no trans fats.
    The difference between try and triumph is a little "umph"! NO EXCUSES!!!!!!!

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    I have an idea. Just for kicks, head on over to Mark's forum and start a thread titled, "Shout out to Dave Martell" Wherein the op describes a wonderful experience with Dave's business....
    Starting this harvest I'm a starving startling artist/
    Lyrical arsonist it's arduous spitting this smartest arsenic/

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    I could write a book on this subject but it wouldn't sell.

    Bottom line, I have no issues buying from CKTG.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajhuff View Post
    But I guess I spoke too soon. Way to take my positive observation about the forum and make me out to be a jerk.

    Here we go again.... The martyr coming out. If you're being "made out to be one" it may not be anyones fault but your own.

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