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Thread: Fine China Lovers?

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    Fine China Lovers?

    It has been established that vast majority (if not all) people here love kitchen knives, but what about other things that make dining (at home) experience great, like fine china? Just curious.

    I myself love plain white bone china tableware from the makers like Wedgewood or Steelite. I admit, most of my tableware is Syracuse china brand purchases at surplus restaurant supplies in NYC, but I would like to upgrade at some point to the likes of Wedgewood or Steelite. The quality and the feel is pretty significant (have a few pieces of Wedgewood on hand).

    Are there US brands that are in the same class as the above mentioned UK brands?


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    I have two Rosenthal espresso cups that I bought when I was a grad student, and which I've cherished all these years. They helped power me through my thesis! Unfortunately my wife accidentally broke one of them recently. I'm thinking of getting a replacement, but sentimental value is hard to replace. Other than that, we use mostly Corelle. Wine glasses are Riedel.

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    US brands generally are not that good. French porcelain has become very homogenous quality wise, but the level is extremely high and there are some very nice things available. German porcelain strikes me as having the highest highs, as far as quality, but the distribution is more limited, the number of manufacturers smaller and the designs more particular. That isn't to say worse designs, KPM has perhaps the best designed goods for anybody who is a dedicated modernist, and Meissen is unbeatable in the classics, but these are very expensive pieces. Both French and German offer better goods than UK at this point in my opinion.

    I'll be happy to answer any questions.

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    I was having dinner at a client's house and while putting away the Champagne Vinegar, I just barely touched one of the French China espresso cups that were stacked atop each other (why they did that, I do not know) and as it fell, I almost caught it with my foot, then it tipped off of my foot and dropped no more than four inches and shattered. Since I broke it I felt obligated to replace it. What that stupid little espresso cup cost me to replace turned me off to investing in china of any kind for a long time. I would rather have one of your knives than that espresso cup.

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    When I was working at a Mikasa outlet store I stocked up on what I hoped would be a lifetime supply of their high end stuff. It's not the quality of what you guys are talking about but still decent and I'm pretty sure that I'm the only 20 year old guy that had a complete dinner service and serve set. With my employee discount 30% added to the discounts we were offering after the brand was bought and the outlet stores closed down I was getting them for pennies on the dollar. What would have cost over 2k retail was bought for less then $200, all I did was hide what I wanted in the back room until we were offering 75% off, then took it out and bought it. I also picked up some of there more contemporary sets for college and apartment life. Here's the nicest set I have though:,sc.html

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    If I drop my US-made china on a wooden floor from about 3', as long as it lands on a rim, the chances are it will stay intact. So if I upgrade to something nicer, durability would be a requirement along with a cost of replacement.

    There aren't too many things that I enjoy having, and nice, white tableware would be one of them. Right now most of my tableware are Syracuse Bone china and Oneida Bone china along with a few pieces of Wedgewood, Steelite, and Villeroy & Boch.

    Where would one get best prices for fine china?


    "All beauty that has no foundation in use, soon grows distasteful and needs continuous replacement with something new." The Shakers' saying.

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    I still use my hopelessly outdated 80's design Hutschenreuther Maxim's de Paris in classic white that I bought a long time ago in Germany - and I still like it, even though after all these years you can see signs of heavy use on some pieces. It looks like I am in a minority among my friends here in Hawaii who mostly use very cheap 'china'. I even remember eating from plastic plates on Thanksgiving at a friend's house. Almost as bad as plastic wine glasses... I haven't seriously looked at a replacement, but the few times I browsed around, I did not see any American design that really appealed to me. That is even more the case for cutlery where I always end up prefering modern European designs. In any case, I think using decent china enhances the eating experience and can also be a sign that you are taking care of yourself by finding enjoyment in the little things.


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    With three grandchildren there's no such thing as "fine china" in our world - Our Mikasa white set is 13yrs old and still serviceable.

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    We have a couple sets of nice china we 'inherited' from others who no longer wanted to keep their old wedding sets. But 99% of the time we turn to heavier/ bulkier Italian or Portuguese plates. They are not as elegant, but that suits us as we are not very formal. Plus many of the plates are virtually indestructible. A Vietre plate can withstand a substantial impact. BTW, why is everything made in China except, well, china???
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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    Mikasa and Arabia are also on my radar for an upgrade.

    "All beauty that has no foundation in use, soon grows distasteful and needs continuous replacement with something new." The Shakers' saying.

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