OK, not totally true. This treasure was not secretly transported.
But it was brought to me from Russia by a friend/customer in his suitcase on a flight back from Moscow.
1st thing I did was send it to K&G to be stabilized. I just got it back and cleaned up today.
The pieces in the photo are now in our web store.

The blocks in the photo are Russian Karelian Birch.
This is the same type of wood used by Faberge on their 2nd to last Faberge Egg.
It was also the only Faberge Egg made from wood.

This is the Karelian Birch Egg.

These are the new blocks. Several of the new blocks are higher grade Birch than Faberge used on the egg that they made for the Tsar of Russia Nicholas II.
Click on the photo to go to the section of the store where these new blocks are located.