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Thread: Looking for stainless wa petty

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    Looking for stainless wa petty

    Looking for a stainless wa petty or western with custom handle for my wife. Size anywhere between 135mm and 165mm. Price between $130 and $200. Thanks.

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    May want to check with Del, he's been known to make a nice short knife at a reasonable cost. Start her out right!

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    A Geshin Ginga from JKI is in your price range. I don't have a petty but I have a Geshin Ginga gyuto and it is a great knife. I would think a petty would be of comparable quality.


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    Thanks chinacats. I bought her a pairing knife from Del. I tought maybe something different plus based on the price I paid for the pairing knife I think my budget is short for Del's petty. I would love to own one of his damascus. They're really cool looking knives plus Del is a really nice guy.

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    I tought about it, but they're out of stock. Thanks.

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    i bought a 210mm 61HRC stainless steel petty dirctly from Ashi in Japan

    cost was about about 13,000 yen with the cheapest handle (yew or magnolia) and shipping. thats about $130 USD. i guess you'd pay an additional $30-40 in import duties

    can't say enough nice things about the Ashi petty. i have a Konosuke too, but i prefer the gentle curve on the blade of the Ashi

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    hiromoto gingami #3 150mm petty


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    I'll check the Ashi site. Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by franzb69 View Post
    I love my Hiro AS gyuto, except I'm trying to skip the rehandle project, but thank you for the recommendation.

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    A petty will get some abuse, and has a small contact area with the board. So it will dull relatively fast, get sharpened more often than any other and wear out accordingly. I would take this into account, limit the costs and go for the longest one you may find.

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