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Thread: Hello from indiana

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    Hello from indiana

    I am new with knives.After I almost sliced my pinky pretty bad,I convinced my dad to let me get a knife sharpener.Its a smith's Edge Grip 2-Stage Knife Sharpener .I know it's cheap but it is better than nothing.After I sharpened all the knives I realized I never cut with a sharp knife.I cut a halfway thawed chicken breast in half like a hot knife to a stick of butter .Soon as I get income coming in i'm going to get better knives & better knife sharpening system.When I got the smith's I also got a kitchenaid 5" santoku knife for $5.I sharpened it a lil bit,was kinda dull ootb.Kinda expected it being such a cheap knife.

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    Welcome! It only gets better, and more expensive, from here.

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